BIO 180 Lecture 11:02

metabolic diversity greater among prokaryotes than

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Unformatted text preview: rs of Metabolism! - Metabolic diversity greater among prokaryotes than among all eukaryotes combined. - Can use almost anything as source of energy and carbon atoms. eukaryotes inherited some of these characteristics from the prokaryotes - Basic chemistry for photosynthesis, cellular respiration and fermentation originated in bacteria & archae lineages. - Evolved variations on these processes. Sources of Energy (for ATP production) 1. Phototrophs - light 2. Organotrophs - large organic molecules stored in bonds with high potential energy 3. Lithotrophs - inorganic molecules with high potential energy (i.e. NH3, H2S, CH4, H2) Sources of Carbon (for synthesis of organic compounds) 1. Autotrophs - synthesize own high potential energy, organic compounds from simple starting materials ie. CO2, CH4 2. Heterotrophs - use organic compounds with high potential energy produced by other organisms = 6 general methods for obtaining ATP and carbon (metabolism) Explains ecologica...
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