BIO 180 Lecture 11:02

Defenses 1 sanitation and education 2 antibiotics 3

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Unformatted text preview: modern medicine. Defenses 1. Sanitation and education 2. antibiotics 3. Immune system, vaccines Which of these have had most impact on decline in deaths due to infectious diseases? - Antibiotics = molecules that kill bacteria - Produced by various soil bacteria and fungi. eliminate the competition for nutrients is the reason why these are produced. Why are they so effective?they tend to target the parts of the bacteria that are unique to bacteria How come we have so few anti-viral drugs in comparison? Viruses use the machinery of the host cell; it will disrupt your cells if it starts to attack the virus cells to disrupt their replication - Problems with evolution of resistant forms. Evolution of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Ecological Impact Of Bacteria 1. Recycling Of Chemical Elements In Ecosystems a) Decomposers - Break down organic molecules in corpses and waste products releasing elements essential...
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