BIO 180 Lecture 11:02

Hydrothermal vent communities bioremediation use of

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Unformatted text preview: l range Ex. Hydrothermal vent communities Bioremediation = use of organisms to remove pollutants from water, soil and air. - bacteria and archae used to degrade organic pollutants Ex. treat sewage, clean up oil spills etc. Reproduction and Evolution - Reproduce only asexually by fission. - Mutation = major source of genetic variation. - Fast generation times adapt/evolve rapidly. Bacteria And Disease Only a tiny fraction of bacteria are pathogenic (disease causing) - Few archae known to cause human disease. - How many bacterial species are “Pathogenic”? - Which tissues do they tend to affect? bacteria tend to infect openings to the body - Cause about half of all human diseases. Examples - tuberculosis, pneumonia, cholera, bubonic plague, diphtheria, typhoid, dysentery, tetanus, many STDs, etc. Discovery - Robert Koch developed “germ theory of disease” = infectious diseases caused by microorganisms - Foundation for...
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