BIO 180 Lecture 11:02

Eg c n b nitrogen cycle key steps performed only by

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Unformatted text preview: for life. e.g. C, N b) Nitrogen Cycle - Key steps performed only by prokaryotes. * Nitrogen fixation = only biological mechanism that makes atmospheric nitrogen available to organisms for incorporation into organic compounds. c) Only organisms able to metabolize inorganic molecules containing elements such as Fe, S, N, H. 2. Primary Production blue-green algae - Autotrophic bacteria e.g. cyanobacteria make organic compounds (food) from CO2 supporting food chains. 3. Symbiotic Relationships Ex. Cellulose breakdown huge component in a plant based diet 4. Historic Oxygen Revolution - Cyanobacteria put all oxygen in atmosphere ~2.5 billion years ago. - Allowed aerobic respiration....
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