Bio 180 Lecture 07:01

Use lectures to determine what to focus on most 2

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Unformatted text preview: es to determine what to focus on most. 2. COME TO LECTURES. 3. Bring lecture outline (from web) but still take notes. 4. Study extensively, frequently, and actively: - tables, flow-charts, vocabulary lists - study questions, practice problems - study groups 5. Be aware of nature of material & how to learn it: cell division - visual, use drawings genetics - “math-like”, practice problems evol. & ecology- conceptual, questions, discussions diversity - descriptive, memorization 6. Come for help early. ANSWERING QUESTIONS IN BIOLOGY What Questions Can Scientists Answer? - Those that can be answered by measuring things – by collecting data. Questions that can vs. cannot be answered by science….. What is the purpose of human life? Is the number 13 lucky? What is the morally right way to behave towards others? Can black magic/curses bring about illness or death? Do planetary positions predict a person’s future? How Do Biologists Test Ideas About The Natural World? 1. Ask a question. (Can be answered via observations, measurements). 2. Develop one or more hyp...
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