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Upposition or proposed explanation made hypothesis

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Unformatted text preview: otheses. upposition or proposed explanation made Hypothesis = assastarting point for further investigation on the.basis of limited evidence proposed explanation aa Null Hypothesis = what expect to see if …… hypothesis is not correct observations due to chance 3. Make one or more predictions. A statement of what should Prediction = a forecast made about what you expect to see happen measure or observe in nature if hypothesis is correct. “If ....., then ...” 4. Test predictions: a) New observations (without manipulation). b) Controlled experiments. Treatment groups Same except for one factor/variable What is a control? A variable that is used solely to check whether or not the one factor being manipulated (the IV) is actually changing the results. * Measurements 5. Experimental results support, fail to support, or refute hypothesis. What do you do if the data fails to support your hypothesis? Y -ou reject your hypothesis and accept the null hypothesis. What do you do if the data supports your hypothesis? -You accept your hypothesis and then you should repeat the experiment multiple times so as to check tha...
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