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Bio 180 Lecture 15:01

Explanation based on process of meiosis one allele on

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Unformatted text preview: ins one allele of each gene. Explanation Based On Process Of Meiosis - One allele on maternal chromosome, other on paternal. - Meiosis I: homologs (and alleles) different daughter cells different gametes. - Each gamete carries one allele for trait (not two). Meiosis And The Principle of Independent Assortment Mendel’s Principle Of Independent Assortment - Pairs of alleles (for different traits/genes) segregate independently from one another during gamete formation. Explanation Based On The Process Of Meiosis - When genes located on different chromosomes. - Meiosis I: each homologous pair lines-up independently of others. - Different genes assort independently of one another. When genes are on separate chromosomes,they will sort separately from one another- it creates variation. SEX-LINKED INHERITANCE - Discovered by Thomas Hunt Morgan through work with fruit flies...
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