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Linked genes captain morgan concept developed by

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Unformatted text preview: the potential to be hemophiliacs. LINKED GENES Captain Morgan? - Concept developed by Morgan. - Genes for different traits assort independently when located on different chromosomes. - What happens when on same chromosome? display “linkage”. - Predict linked genes: 1. inherited together - always end up in same gamete. 2. produce fewer gamete and offspring genotypes. - Typically small % of unexpected recombinant genotypes produced. - Due to crossing over. Ex. Inheritance of wing size and body color in Drosophila Correctly Figuring Out Gametes For Linked Genes Unlinked A a AaBb AB, Ab, aB, ab B b Linked AB AB & ab only In this notation, you have ab or to underline the alleles to signify that they are "linked" Ab Ab & aB only aB A a B b A a b B NOTE: two sex-linked genes will always be “linked” Practice Problem In the rare giant lunar bat, the gene for ear hair (H = hairy, h = bald) and skin type (P = pimply, p = clear) are determined by 2...
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