Bio 180 Lecture 15:01

There are a few genes that are on the y chromosome

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Unformatted text preview: plain the fruit fly patterns now? There are a few genes that are on the Y chromosome that are male specific traits, however there are not many (especially in comparison to the X chromosome genes). Females carry two copies of the gene and males only carry one. How To Quickly Spot An X-Linked Trait 1. 2. Recessive phenotypes show up more often in males. A son cannot inherit sex-linked gene from his father. Practice Problem Hemophilia is caused by a recessive, X-linked allele. Prince Leopold (Son of Queen Victoria) had hemophilia. His wife did not carry the allele. They had one son and one daughter. What is the probability his son was also a hemophiliac? There is no chance of the son having hemophilia- the only allele he receives is from his mother and she does not even carry the trait for being a hemophiliac. The daughters will be carriers so therefore 50% of their offspring have...
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