Bio 180 Lecture 15:01

A what are the f1 genotypes and phenotypes for the

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Unformatted text preview: genes located on the same chromosome. a) What are the F1 genotypes and phenotypes for the cross below. hP/Hp x hp/hp Genotypes & Phenotypes: hP/hP (bald pimpled); Hp/hp (Hairy Clear) b) What would recombinant gametes look like? HP, hp Frequency of Crossing Over And Linkage Maps - When two linked traits crossed, fraction (%) of recombinants produced varies. - Genetic loci arranged linearly along chromosome. - Physical distance between loci dictates frequency of crossing over: greater distance greater chance - Can determine relative positions of multiple genetic loci and create genetic map. Ex. Location vs. crossing over frequency of Drosophila genes A B C D...
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