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Range of dominance complete incomplete codominance ex

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Unformatted text preview: ships: 1. Range of dominance: complete incomplete codominance. Ex. Tay-Sachs 2. Nothing to do with abundance or fitness of alleles in population Ex. Polydactyly Multiple Alleles = Existence of more than two alleles of the same gene. - Most populations dozens hundreds alleles per locus. * Note: One individual cannot carry > 2 alleles at a time. Ex. Leaf patterns/coloration in White clover Ex. Human blood type determined 3 alleles: i (recessive) IA, IB (codominant) Generate 6 possible genotypes and 4 phenotypes: Pleitropy = When a single gene affects more than one phenotypic trait. Ex. Frizzle gene in chickens - feathers curl upward - abnormal body temperature - higher metabolic & blood flow rate - greater digestive capacity - lay fewer eggs Ex. Phenylketonuria (PKU) in humans - mental retardation - eczema - reduced hair and skin pigmentation Gene x Environment Interactions - Strong effect on phenotypes produced by most genes. Ex. Effect of food deprivation on growth. Ex. Fur color in Himalayan rabbits and Siamese...
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