BIOL 180 Lecture 27:02 & 04:03

not altruism they are not helping each other in the

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Unformatted text preview: s participating individuals with food, shelter, transport of gametes, or defense against predators. * Not altruism (they are not helping each other in the sense that they are gaining something at the cost of helping the other organism) - Mutualistic dependencies thought to have evolved in many cases from anatagonistic interactions. e.g. pollination may have evolved from insects feeding on pollen. Examples of Mutualism N-fixing bacteria and legumes Bacteria in cow stomachs Mycorrhizae Flowering plants and insects Ants and Acacia trees Ants and Treehoppers Leafcutter ants and fungus Yucca moth and Yucca Cleaner fish & birds Final Note On Species Interactions - Outcome of interactions depends on current conditions. - Costs and benefits of species interactions are fluid. - An interaction between the same two species may vary from parasitism to mutualism to competition....
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