BIOL 180 Lecture 27:02 & 04:03

BIOL 180 Lecture 27:02 04:03

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Unformatted text preview: with the vores, crucian differ (P> 0.05) In alternative me FIg. 3. Relative presence of pike. Gut content analysis of vulnerability to Body depth no carp indicated(mm) difference in crucian chastic environ pike predation (dashed lines) and I I I 50 100 200 150 Total VOL. 258 • SCIENCE • length (mm) size distribution (circles) of cru 20 NOVEMBERIn1992 ponds as a func clan carp two FIg. 3. Relative vulnerability to FIg. 1. The relation between total body length tion of crucian carp body depth. pike predation (dashed lines) and (L) and body depth ( of cruclan carp in the 50 100 200 150 Shaded areas denote cruclan size distribution (circles) of cru presence and absence of pike in two ponds In (mm) carp that are invulnerable to pre Total length clan carp In two ponds as a func southern Sweden. Severin’s control: D = because refuge FIg. 1.=The relation between total dation length of their crucian in body tion of carp body depth. —2.728 + 0.328L, SE 0.007; Severln’s pike: (L) and body depth ( of cruclansize. in the carp Shaded areas denote cruclan D 4.765 + 0.344L, SE = 0.014; Mats’ control: presence and absence of pike in two ponds In carp that are invulnerable to pre D 0.391 ÷ 0.315L, SE = 0.012; and Mat’s southern Sweden. Regres dation because of their refuge in pike: D 6.880 + 0.374L, SE = 0.066.Severin’s control: D = —2.728different between treat Severln’s pike: + 0.328L, SE = 0.007; size. sIons were significantly D (analysis of covariance, P ments in both ponds 4.765 + 0.344L, SE = 0.014; Mats’ cont...
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