BIOL 180 Lecture 27:02 & 04:03

Ex some schistosomes blood flukes avoid antibody

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Unformatted text preview: mune mechanisms. Ex. Some schistosomes (blood flukes) avoid antibody attack by coating themselves with proteins of the host before antibodies become numerous. PREDATION Predator= Prey = - Predator typically larger than prey and less specific than parasites - often exploit many different species. Adaptations/Defenses Of Prey Standing/Constitutive Defenses 1. Hide, run away 2. Weapons/Active Defense - Foul-smelling or stinging secretions. Ex. skunk, whip scorpion, bombardier beetles - Spines or armored body coverings. Ex procupines and armadillos 3. Camouflage - Appearance/posture match background color & pattern. Ex. Stick insect - Break up body form with black and white. Ex. zebra, tapir, tiger salamander 4. Warning coloration/Aposematism - Contain noxious chemicals. (Produce themselves or accumulate from food plant). - Advertise with conspicuous color patterns - black w/yellow, orange or red stripes. - Innate or learned avoidance response by predators. Ex. Monarch butterfly, yellow jackets, coral snakes, poison-arrow frogs - Why aren’t all prey species noxious or unpalatable? 5. Mimicry - Palatable organisms evolve to resemble noxious ones. 6. School/flock/herd Formation - Predator detection, dilution & confusion effects, group defense. Inducible Defenses - Defenses triggered by presence of predators. - Advantages: 1. 2. - Disadvantage? Ex. Predator-induced changes in body morphology in Crucian carp the predator won't fit in the mouth any longer and so therefore it can't be eaten by a pike --> however it takes more energy to get to this size a...
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