BIOL 180 Lecture 27:02 & 04:03

The dense crucian carp populationsexperimental design

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Unformatted text preview: ectt swimming performance. The dense crucian carp populationsexperimental design could not in systems ducible defense th (mm) clan carp In two ponds as a func theoretical total drag (19) for the body of without pike. A change a a 140-mm crucian carp swimming at in body morphol thatable cues forthe precise cue triggered de total body length tion of crucian carp body depth. speed of 10 ogy is 32% swimming performance. The predation pres phology modifications in crucl cm/s affectt greater for a ruclan carp in the Shaded areas denote cruclan deep-bodied carp from the pike section for cyprinids do respond behaviora theoretical total drag (19) the body of experimental d ke in two ponds In carp that are invulnerable to pre than for a shallow-bodied,crucian carp swimming at areleased by cue th a 140-mm fusiform carp substances precise conspe ’s control: D = dation because of their refuge in from the control section. 10 cm/s is 32% greater for by piscivores modif attacked a speed of Thus, assuming phology (21). 07; Severln’s pike: size. that carp use deep-bodied carp from the pike section winter conditions the same foraging (swim where severe cyprinids do re .014; Mats’ control: ming) mode in than for a shallow-bodied, fusiform carp both sections, the cost of eliminate othersubstances espe species, rele 0.012; and Mat’s swimming increases the control with theThus, assuming vores, crucian carp can survi from markedly section. attacked by p = 0.066. Regres presence of pike. Gut content the sameof alternative metabolic pathway that carp use analysis foraging (swim where severe w rent between treat carp indicated no in both sections, chastic environmental disturban crucian ming) mode difference in the cost of eliminate othe is of covariance, P swimming increases markedly...
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