BIOL 180 Lecture 27:02 & 04:03

E causes more drag swimming phenotypical change pisci

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Unformatted text preview: nd stay at this size (i.e. causes more drag swimming) phenotypical change Pisci date, crucian carp by reducing resourcefitness cost to duringprey crucian carpbecan with piscivores usingthe body d swimming increases markedly allocation, with the the summer. could vores, that survive by (6), no chang giving priority growth in avoided when alternative metabolic The plasticity of (2, vores, such as pike, are gape-limited pred bodyanalysis of predators are absent the 3). pathways de with increasing le ratio declined ratios presence of pike.toGutdepth should benefit fense trait suggests that morphological (22). Sto of large content depth. Increasing’ body this trait incurs a ponds. Howev Minimizing costs should be tom crucian carp indicated no differencein in fitness whereespecially im that could becoupled of a defen chastic environmental longer than 150 with in total le crucian carp by reducing predation. Pisci situations cost tointraspecific disturbancesthe cost piscivores the prey portant When vores, such as pike, are gape-limited pred is avoided when predatorsthe absent (2, 3). are selection shouldratio declined w competition intense, such as In favor the evo Minimizing costsin systems especially defenseslonger than pre should be ducible im when the 15 FIg. 3. Relative vulnerability to dense crucian carp populations portant in body morphol When the able cues for pike predation (dashed lines) and without pike. A change in situations where intraspecific detecting the pred competition is intense, such predation pressure is variable as In the selection shoul 200 150 size distribution (circles) of cru ogy aff...
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