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Only this way with blacks in white homes ressentiment

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Unformatted text preview: hat being labeled disabled was actually more of a disability then their real disability 1 “Reproductive Rights: A Disability Rights Issue” Marsha Saxton disabled people are not represented in the rights of sexuality and reproduction/ movement for reproductive rights needs to include disabled people as much as disabled people need to be included in the movement “Having the Tools at Hand: Building Successful Multicultural Social Justice Organizations” using head/heart/hands. Compassionate about what you are doing/ all about finding the right organization “Invisibility, Consciousness, the Other and Ressentiment” Judith Rollins servant would be invisible and silent, responsive to demands but deaf to gossip, blind to faults. Only this way with blacks in white homes. Ressentiment: an attitude from cumulative feeling to hatred and revenge, unable to release feelings. “Breaking the Cycle” Miriam Ching Louie women workers confront corporate greed globally. Experiences shared between women workers at the United Nations gathering in China are the direct result of the pentatraion of capitalist relations into every corner of the globe. Women are the first contributers and the first victims of economic reconstructing schemes around the world “Whose ‘Choice’?: Flexible Women Workers in the Tomato Food Chain” Deborah Brandt mcdonaldization: model that fast food restaurant has offered as a way to recognize work in all other sectors. Efficiency, predictability etc…maximizing effenciaty and profits and leaving the vulnerable workers bound to the just- in- time production. “Global Trade in Filipina Structural Adjustment Policies (SAPs)” Grace Chang structural, federal aid programs, IMF- worldwide loans to countries “Something is Happening Here” Margo Maine men and women must rally to challenge the sexualization and objectification of women and transform modern culture so that it embraces and empowers both sexes to be equal partners. In this world women would no longer suffer from culturally constructed, life threating illnesses like eating disorders. “Living in the Global Economy” Gwen Kirk & Margo Okazawa- Rey women in work and in material production Women and Work (Weeks 5- 7) Gender wage gap (and how it is compounded by race) Difference in pay between men and women Gender division of labor Jobs in the paid labor force and in the household are shaped by assumptions...
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