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Physical strength were instructions and warnings in

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Unformatted text preview: ilar behaviors The 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) STD testing paid by government, ability to order HIV testing of offenders in rape cases; authorizes studies on campus sexual assault and battered women’s syndrome Major revisions of VAWA * Categories of domestic abuse Physical abuse/sexual abuse/emotional abuse/economic abuse/isolation/using children Cycle or stages of domestic abuse • Domestic violence is when one person tried to take control over another by using acts of intimidation, threats, sexual assault, stalking, controlling money or bank accounts, and similar behaviors Warning signs of violence Aggressive behavior/isolation/verbal abuse/ going through phone/moderating social interactions/belitting you/extreme behavior/jealous or possessive Causes of domestic abuse Culture of Violence §༊ culture of violence is allowed 9 • • • • cultural legitimacy of male violence Economic Systems that disempower women Legal System with inadequacy Political system that marginalizes women’s concerns ú༏ Families Barriers to leaving Lack of resources/institutional responses/traditional ideology Violence is about Power and Control Micro- level explanations vs. macro- level Explanations Health Unit eating disorders/ eating problems why food? §༊ Available to young women, less expensive, socially acceptable, something you need, associated with cultural traditions, eaten in isolation/com munity experience, not seen as dangerous (like alcohol or drugs) Tradition profile vs. reality How traditional profile misses groups of women • • • Eating disorders Profile assumed: White middle class young heterosexual women usually in a transitional point in life In fact, most women have this for most of their life o Women of color, immigrant women, etc. o Misses a lot of different people whom are actually in great need of help around them Body image vs. body consciousness o Body Consciousness is shaped by biological changes common to most women: §༊ Growth spurts during childhood and puberty §༊ Menstruation §༊ Menopause and the aging process o Women were able to better locate their sense of their bodies when using 10 the term “body consciousness” o Body consciousness links an awareness of one’s social standing directly to social conditions o Body image implies the individual on her own, body consciousness implies the body within a historical processes Sexual abuse and eating problems §༊ §༊ §༊ §༊ Body-image disturbances Mistrust of one’s experiences and confusion about body sensations Negative selfesteem Difficulties in knowing one’s own emotions Population control Margaret Sanger American birth control activist, sex educator, and nurse. Sanger popularized the term birth control, opened the first birth control clinic in the United States, and established Planned Parenthood. Sanger's efforts contributed to the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case which legalized contraception in the United States. Sanger...
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