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29 in the eighteenth year of nebuchadrezzar from

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Unformatted text preview: ade in the temple of the LORD, as ,‫ׁשלמה מל ְךֶךב-יׂשר אֹבָאל ּבב-ְהיכל יהוה‬ ָ‫י אֵ רַ ב-ְ אֹב‬ ֵ‫ְךֶ ב-ְ ב-ְ י א‬ ֹ‫ב-ְ נ אֹ נ א‬ the LORD had said. .‫ּכ רַאָבֲׁשר, ּדּבר יהוה‬ ָ‫םיִ ְךֶ ב-ְ אֹב‬ ֶ‫ְך‬ 14 And he carried away all Jerusalem, and all the princes, -‫יד ו ב-ְהםיִג ב-ְלה א תב-ּכלב-ירוׁשלם ו ב-ְא תב-ּכלב‬ ָ‫אֹב‬ ֶ‫ְך‬ ַ‫אֹבָ ב-ְ אֹבָ םיִ ר‬ ֶ‫ְך‬ ָ‫אֹב‬ and all the mighty men of valour, even ten thousand ‫ה רַׂשרים ו ב-ְא ת ּכלב-ּגּבורי ה רַא חיל, עשרה‬ ַ‫ ר‬ ֵ‫אֹבָ םיִ י א‬ ֵ‫י א‬ ִ‫ׁ אֹבָ םי‬ captives, and all the craftsmen and the smiths; none ,‫)עׂשר ת( אָבֲל אֹבָפים ּגולה, ו ב-ְכלב-הְךֶא חרׁש‬ ָ‫אֹבָ אֹב‬ ָ‫אֹב‬ ֶ‫ְך‬ ִ‫םי‬ ֶ‫ָבֲ ְךֶ ְך‬ remained, save the poorest sort of the people of the land. ‫ו ב-ְה רַּמסּגר: לא נ םיִׁשרַאר, זול ת ּדּל רַ ת‬ ַ‫ רַ ר‬ ְ-‫ב‬ ֹ‫נ א‬ ֵ‫ רַ ב-ְ י א‬ .‫עםב-הָארא ץ‬ ֶ‫אֹבָ ְך‬ ַ‫ ר‬ Yirmiyah 52 25 and out of the city he took an officer that was set over the men of war; and seven men of them that saw the king's face, who were found in the city; and the scribe of the captain of the host, who mustered the people of the land; and threescore men of the people of the land, that were found in the midst of the city. -‫כה ומןב-האֹבָעיר ל אֹבָקא ח סריס אְךֶא חד אָבֲׁשרב‬ ֶ‫ְך‬ ָ‫אֹב‬ ִ‫אֹבָ םי‬ ַ‫ ר...
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