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Very hard to learn this system only learned in the

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Unformatted text preview: list ► Astronomical Diary written in cuneiform (nearly 2,000 figures). Very hard to learn this system, only learned in the palace and the priests, so the power was concentrated within the palace and church. From VAT 4956: “Year 37 of Nebuchadnezar, king of Babylon. Month I (the first of which was identical with) the 30th (of the preceding month), the moon became visible behind the Bull of heaven…Saturn was in front of the Swallow…Night of the 3 rd, the moon was two cubits if front of…” Correlates the position of the stars and planets with the reign of Nebuchadnezar to the month. And the sky hasn’t and won’t look like that a million years before 568 BCE and millions of years after, so now we can figure out what was his first year ► “Chronology Papers” by W. Dolen “For example the 523-522 BC tablet contains several positions of the planets Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Mars during this time period. Jupiter repeats its synodic period every 71 (70.987) or 83 solar years. Venus repeats itself every eight years. Saturn repeats itself every 59 years. And Mars repeats itself every 47 (46.979) years. These four planets will all be in the same position in relation to themselves and the stars on the same solar date approximately every 1,575,064 years.” ► We follow this same calendar, because the Rabbis were living in Bavel so they followed their calendar. ► Yehoiachin 597BCE Reigns for three months Captured by Nebuchandezzar in a siege of Jerusalem Imprisoned in Babylonia ► Worse than Yehoyakim because now they are kicked out, no longer a vassal Craftsman and elite of Judea is exiled with him Freed in 562BCE by Amel-Marduk Melachim 2 24:1111 And Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came unto the city, while his servants were besieging it. 12 And Jehoiachin the king of Judah went out to the king of Babylon, he, and his mother, and his s...
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