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i will be who i will be and i can ensure that

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Unformatted text preview: actually there but its possible that this still happened. Philo- probably did not know Hebrew Two ideas about translations 1) Can translate torah into any language, everyone should be able to benefit and appreciate the torah 2) You may not translate the torah into any language- that day we translated t was as bad as the day the egel was built- said this post Septuagent when the Christians took the bible and manipulated it- after that they regretted translating the bible Why are there so many fewer differences in the septuagent that we have than the differences mentioned in the gemara- maybe it was retranslated and the changes were lost. Maybe the Bavli rabbis heard about the changes and made up a list of pesukim which could be dangerous when translated, and these were peskim which they would have changed if they had been there. So then the septuagent we have now could be the original septuagent What types of changes do they make? Update names of locations PhilosophizeUpdating Isaiah 9:11 S...
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