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For all his anger has not turned away but his hand is

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Unformatted text preview: said to him, Translate for me the Torah of Moses your master. God then prompted each one of them and they all conceived the same idea. They wrote for him…[lists 15 changes they made]… R. SIMEON B. GAMALIEL SAYS THAT BOOKS [OF THE SCRIPTURE] ALSO ARE PERMITTED TO BE WRITTEN ONLY IN GREEK. R. Abbahu said in the name of R. Johanan: The halachah follows R. Simeon b. Gamaliel. R. Johanan further said: What is the reason of R. Simeon b. Gamaliel? … R. Hiyya b. Abba replied: The real reason is because it is written, Let God enlarge [yaft] Japheth: implying, let the chief beauty [yafyuth] of Japheth be in the tents of Shem. Letter of Aristeas- King wants to collect all of the books of the world for the Library of Alexandria, want to have the Torah translated, but in this version they all work together and discuss it together. Aristeas- messenger of Ptolemy going from Ptolemy to the Cohen Gadol Which version do we trust? The gemara is so much older!! And the Letter of Aristeas has inconsistencies! Demitrus was not the scribe under Ptolemy III, this is a work of psyedoepigrapha. Aristeas was not...
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