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Unformatted text preview: quivalent in psi _________ mb_________ Pa__________ kPa_________ c. The base of the Earth’s continental crust is at a depth of approximatly 10 km, with a lithostatic pressure equivalent of 10 Kb (kilobars); determing the pressure equivalent in psi _________ mb_________ Pa__________ kPa_________ 2. The following is a listing of the average densities of the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere: Dwater = 1 g/ cm3 Drock = 2.7 g/ cm3 0.001225 g/cm3 Dair = Calculate the following density equivalents: Dair= ________ kg/ m3 Dwater = ________ kg/ m3 Drock = __________kg/ m3 Calculate the...
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