fill bits with zeroes 0b0011 logical shift

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Unformatted text preview: nd2. - It is flexible and has different formats: - Immediate Value(8- bit) - Register - mov r0, - mov r0, #13 // r0 = 13; r1 // r0 = r1; - Register with Shift/Rotate - Shift value can be a constant or a register. - If shift value is a constant, the range will depend on the instruction. - If a register holds the shift value, only least significant byte will be used. - Logical Shift Left - Constant shift value will be in the range 0- 31. - Fill bits with zeroes. - 0b0011 logical shift left by 2 - > 0b1100 - mov r0, r1, lsl r2 // r0 = r1 << (r2 & 0xFF); - mov r0, r1, lsl #2 // r0 = r1 << 2; - Logical Shift Right - Constant shift value will be in the range 1- 32....
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