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Brian fikkert c o autho r o f when helping hurts we

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Unformatted text preview: Fikkert, c o -autho r o f When Helping Hurts "We were happy in o ur v illage bef o re y o u f o lk s to ld us we were po o r. We didn't hav e many things, but happiness do esn't c o me just f ro m hav ing mo re material things. What mak es y o u think we want to bec o me just lik e y o u?" T he audienc e, a gro up o f A meric an do no rs and dev elo pment leaders, lo o k ed bewildered as Emily , a c o mmunity dev elo pment wo rk er f ro m Liberia, to o k her seat. Finally , o ne o f the U.S. do no rs spo k e up. "Y es, o f c o urse we share y o ur go als, Emily . T hat's why we k eep o n bringing y o u mo re c apital and tec hno lo gy ." Emily listened helplessly , realizing that her message had f allen o n deaf ears—again. A meric ans are the ric hest peo ple ev er to walk the f ac e o f the earth, and we c o ex ist with 2.6 billio n peo ple liv ing o n less than $ 2 per day . T he situatio n is simply immo ral. We must do mo re, but we must do it dif f erently . Fo r the past 60 y ears, the majo rity o f A meric an assistanc e has f lo wed o ut o f a materialistic wo rldv iew, whic h assumes that wealth is pro duc ed by material things, namely c apital an...
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