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Dav id bec kmann president o f bread fo r the wo rld

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Unformatted text preview: Farms and farmers feed the w o rld. Dav id Bec kmann, president o f Bread fo r the Wo rld T he united states is genero us in giv ing peo ple emergenc y f o o d aid, but stingy when it c o mes to suppo rting peo ple in po o r c o untries to gro w their o wn f o o d. Only three c ents o ut o f ev ery aid do llar are aimed at dev elo ping agric ulture and helping po o r f armers aro und the wo rld.We sho uld inc rease o ur suppo rt f o r f armers in the dev elo ping wo rld. When Christians pray , "Giv e us this day o ur daily bread," we aren't just ask ing Go d f o r a f ree meal. We are also pray ing f o r the dignity o f being able to earn a liv ing and the sec urity o f f eeding o urselv es and o ur f amilies. T he o ppo rtunity to earn a liv eliho o d giv es peo ple a f uture—and a ho pe. Just ask V ento rina Odun, a Ugandan f armer. A partnership between Uganda's go v ernment and the I nternatio nal Fund f o r A gric ultural Dev elo pment, whic h the U.S. suppo rts, enabled her to earn mo re mo ney by gro wing sunf lo w...
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