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Farms and f armers f eed the wo rld but to o o f ten

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Unformatted text preview: o d, and where, is as impo rtant as ho w muc h. Farms and f armers f eed the wo rld. But to o o f ten, it's f armers who hav e the mo st tro uble f eeding themselv es and their f amilies. Of the wo rld's peo ple who are c hro nic ally hungry , 7 5 perc ent liv e in rural areas and depend o n agric ulture f o r their liv eliho o d. I nc reasing f o o d pro duc tio n in the regio ns o f greatest need, partic ularly A f ric a and A sia, c an generate inc o me to stimulate lo c al ec o no mies. T he tide is turning. T his summer G8 leaders agreed to c o ntribute $ 20 billio n o v er three y ears to c o mbat glo bal hunger. P resident Obama requested $ 1 .4 billio n in nex t y ear's budget to bo o st agric ulture in dev elo ping c o untries. Co ngress sho uld appro v e the f unding request and wo rk to mo dernize the o v erall sy stem o f f o reign assistanc e so that ef f ec tiv e help gets to the peo ple who need it mo st. Do nating emergenc y f o o d aid may help a starv ing f amily surv iv e f o r a day . But helping small f armers in po o r c o untries pro duc e mo re f o o d c an enable entire v illages to thriv e and giv e mill...
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