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I n additio n to agric ulture training the pro jec t

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Unformatted text preview: er and palm seeds to pro duc e c o o k ing o il. I n additio n to agric ulture training, the pro jec t pro v ided Odun with c redit so she c o uld inv est in to o ls. I t built a ro ad to her remo te c o mmunity so that her c o o k ing o il c o uld be shipped to mark et. With hard wo rk , Odun used the pro f its f ro m a single y ear's sunf lo wer seed c ro p to div ersif y her f arm's pro duc ts, and sav ed eno ugh mo ney to send her c hildren to sc ho o l. T hat is the k ind o f suc c ess that suppo rt f o r f armers c an bring. T his y ear, the ministers o f agric ulture f ro m the wo rld's eight ric hest c o untries c o nv ened f o r the f irst time ev er. T o av ert a permanent f o o d sho rtage, they said, wo rldwide agric ultural pro duc tio n must do uble by 205 0. T he UN Fo o d and A gric ulture Organizatio n rec ently repo rted that c urrently , mo re than 1 billio n peo ple are c hro nic ally hungry . T he wo rld has the k no wledge and the reso urc es to inc rease f o o d pro duc tio n. But who pro duc es f o...
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