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I n this v iew a meric a is dev elo ped we hav e

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Unformatted text preview: d tec hno lo gy . I n this v iew, A meric a is "dev elo ped." We hav e arriv ed, and they hav e no t. T he assumptio n is that if we pro v ide them with mo re c apital and tec hno lo gy , they will be able to be just lik e the U.S.—a c o untry where f amilies and c o mmunities are disintegrating, where addic tio ns are o n the rise, where mental and emo tio nal illnesses are ex plo ding, and where rampant c o nsumerism is bank rupting all o f us. T he need f o r mo re c apital and better tec hno lo gy persists. P eo ple really do need impro v ed ac c ess to c lean water, better health c are, dec ent educ atio n, and a liv ing wage. But they , and we, need so mething f ar mo re pro f o und. Whether we realize it o r no t, we all are lo nging f o r an intimate relatio nship with Go d, f o r a sense o f dignity , f o r c o mmunity and belo nging, and f o r the ability to use o ur gif ts and abilities to dev elo p c reatio n. T he go al is no t to turn Kampala into Chic ago . T he go al is f o r bo th Kampala and Chic ago to lo o k...
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