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Listen to r ecipients many internatio nal dev elo

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Unformatted text preview: io ns the dignity o f earning their daily bread. Listen to R ecipients Many internatio nal dev elo pment o rganizatio ns, w anting to please Western do no rs, are to o driv en by expansio n. Dale Hanso n Bo urke, autho r o f T he Sk eptic 's Guide to Glo bal P o v erty When my husband and I were f irst married, he wo uld spend Saturday mo rnings washing o ur c ars. A c lean c ar is impo rtant to him, so he lo v ingly and diligently to o k o n washing my c ar. I do n't really no tic e if my c ar is c lean, so I v iewed the c ar washing mo re as a waste o f time than a gif t. Ev entually we learned a basic princ iple o f marriage: Do n't assume y o u k no w what the o ther perso n wants. A sk . Witho ut o v ersimplif y ing, there's quite a bit o f c ar washing go ing o n in internatio nal dev elo pment. We ac t o ut o f go o d intentio ns, believ ing that o thers will want what we want. So metimes they do . But o f ten their desires are dif f erent f ro m what A meric ans are giv ing. Ef f ec tiv e dev elo pment really is lik e a go o d marriage: a giv e-and-tak e relatio nship that requires tim...
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