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Say s mic hael ny enhuis president o f ma p i

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Unformatted text preview: be ev aluated less o n do llars raised and mo re o n liv es c hanged. Say s Mic hael Ny enhuis, president o f MA P I nternatio nal: "T o o o f ten we think o f o ur ro le primarily as listening to do no rs, then talk ing to tho se we serv e in the f ield to educ ate them. We o ught to spend as muc h time listening to tho se in the c o mmunities where we wo rk , and then educ ate do no rs abo ut the realities o n the gro und." C opy right © 2009 C hristia nity Toda y . C lick for re print informa tion. Relat ed Elsewh ere: Brian Fik k ert is c o -autho r o f When Helping Hurts, is direc to r o f the Chalmers Center f o r Ec o no mic Dev elo pment at Co v enant Co llege. Dav id Bec k mann is president o f Bread f o r the Wo rld, a Christian v o ic e urging dec isio n mak ers to end hunger at ho me and abro ad. Dale Hanso n Bo urk e, autho r o f The Skeptic 's Guide to Glo bal P o v erty, is president o f the Center f o r I nf ec tio us Disease Researc h in Zambia. P rev io us V illage Green sec tio ns hav e disc ussed tec hno lo gy and abo rtio n. C o p y ri g h t © 2 0 1 4 C h ri s t i a n i t y T o d a y . http://www.chr int.html?type= ar ticle&id= 86091 3/3...
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