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Help That Makes a Difference Christianity Today

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Unformatted text preview: e and impro v es with go o d listening sk ills. T he best internatio nal aid o rganizatio ns spend muc h time listening, emplo y ing natio nals with lo c al understanding, and then learning f ro m their mistak es. T hey v iew the relatio nship between do no rs and rec ipients as a two -way street. Bo th sides giv e, bo th sides rec eiv e. I t all so unds lo v ely , but ho w do es it ac tually wo rk ? My belief is that many internatio nal dev elo pment o rganizatio ns, wanting to please Western do no rs, are to o driv en by ex pansio n and spend to o little time listening to rec ipients. A s a result, they wo rk in to o many plac es o n to o many ty pes o f pro jec ts. T hey measure pro gress in A meric an terms: bigger budgets, mo re c o untries, additio nal spec ialties. Ev en mo re c hallenging is the need to pro duc e results o n an A meric an timetable when many c ultures v alue the time spent in disc ussio n, c o llabo ratio n, and c o mpro mise bef o re wo rk begins. T he best gro ups c o nc entr...
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