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T he prac tic al implic atio ns f o r pro v iding aid

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Unformatted text preview: mo re lik e the New Jerusalem. T he prac tic al implic atio ns f o r pro v iding aid are eno rmo us: Spend mo re reso urc es o n suppo rting peo ple-empo wering pro c esses and less o n bric k s and mo rtar; help peo ple to steward the gif ts and reso urc es they already hav e; inc lude the materially po o r as f ull partic ipants in selec ting, designing, implementing, and ev aluating any interv entio n; build the c apac ity o f indigeno us c hurc hes and Christian o rganizatio ns to wo rk in highly relatio nal, go spel-f o c used way s; pro mo te the use o f spiritual to o ls—pray er, meditatio n, f ello wship, and Bible study —in additio n to material to o ls in all po v erty -allev iatio n ef f o rts; and embrac e that bo th they and we are f undamentally bro k en and in need o f the healing that o nly Jesus Christ c an bring. We are all dev elo ping natio ns. Focus on the Farmers http://www.chr int.html?type= ar ticle&id= 86091 1/3 1/16/2014 Help That M akes a Differ ence | Chr istianity Today...
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