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T hey hire peo ple who are ex perts in their f ield

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Unformatted text preview: ate o n do ing o ne ty pe o f wo rk v ery well. T hey hire peo ple who are ex perts in their f ield, and ev aluate rigo ro usly http://www.chr int.html?type= ar ticle&id= 86091 2/3 1/16/2014 Help That M akes a Differ ence | Chr istianity Today to determine ho w muc h the wo rk benef its the rec ipients. Others c o nc entrate in a f ew geo graphic areas, building inf rastruc ture, dev elo ping natio nal leadership, and wo rk ing within c ultural no rms. T hey c o ntinue to learn, and they do n't spread themselv es thin. T hey are c o mmitted f o r the lo ng haul. I n to ugh ec o no mic times, resisting the o f f er o f a do natio n to ex pand the wo rk c an be dif f ic ult. But bo ard members and leaders sho uld k eep ask ing, "Ho w c an we do what's impo rtant and do it better?"—no t the mo re seduc tiv e, "Ho w c an we gro w, ex pand, and inc rease?" Ef f ec tiv eness metric s sho uld be audited as independently as po ssible to pro v ide meaningf ul f eedbac k , and leaders sho uld...
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