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Gods fellowship must be a unique communit y in t he

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Unformatted text preview: aside for his mission” (Van Rheenen 1996, 31). God’s fellowship must be a unique communit y in t he world creat ed by God t hrough t he Spirit t o be bot h holy and human. The body of Christ must be “a distinctive community formed by the calling and sending of God and reflecting the redemptive reign of God in Christ” (Guder 1998, 8). http://www.missiolog y.or g /?p= 183 1/3 1/16/2014 M R #32: M oder nity Sweeps Afr ica : The M issiolog y Homepag e If the church in Africa is to remain a vital, counter- cultural force, Christian leaders must understand that the church does not grow in mat...
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