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PPT for Review of Week 11

The new medium opened television radio market as

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Unformatted text preview: ed Television radio market as oligopoly shifted its focus radio The transistor radio – the iPod of the The 1950s 1950s From 33⅓ and 45s to Rock From Growth of stations – niche markets Record play as advertising From “Tune Factories” to From Singer/Songwriters Singer/Songwriters From Rock to Folk From Bob Dylan Dylan began in folk – Guthrie, Odetta, Dylan Lead Belly, Seeger, Izzy Young and the Folk Lore Center Folk Remain a singer-songwriter in the folk Remain tradition – but not be a folk singer tradition Using-what-is-handed-down tradition of Using-what-is-handed-down folk, Dylan captured contemporary urban existence existence From Rock to Folk From Bob Dylan Dylan’’s imagery presents life upside s down and inside out – unusual word combinations and images combinations Dylan never tied himself to a cause or Dylan position – happiness is the road, the journey journey Commercial Folk Music Commercial The Sixties Folk Sound – Kingston Trio The “Where have all the Flowers Gone,” Simon and Garfunkel “Bleaker Street,” “Dangling Conversation,” Joan Baez “We Shall Overcome” Overcome”...
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