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PPT 39 Review of Week 10

Mechanically differentiated products prove to be all

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Unformatted text preview: differentiated products prove to be all alike in the end.” alike Hit songs, stars and soap operas are Hit cyclically recurrent and rigidly invariable cyclically Content only appears to change One-Dimensional Society One-Dimensional “If the individuals are satisfied to the If point of happiness with the goods and services handed down to them by the administration, why should they insist on different institutions for a different production of different goods and services?” goods One-Dimensional Society One-Dimensional “And if individuals are preconditioned so that the satisfying conditioned goods also include thoughts, feelings, aspirations, why should they wish to think, feel, and imagine for themselves?” for Culture Culture Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves Neil to Death (1985) (1985) Neal Gabler, Life the Movie (1998) Neal (1998) Culture Culture George Orwell, “Politics and the George English Language” (1946) English Herbert Gans, Popular Culture and Herbert High Culture (1974) High Culture – high, mass, popular, folk, Culture taste taste Democratic obligation; educational Democratic obligation obligation Entertainment Cosmology Entertainment Television the new epistemology but Television Entertainment the new cosmology Entertainment Realists versus Postrealists Culture Culture Hoggart, “Why I Value Literature?” Hoggart, “Why The peculiar way different lived cultures The explore, re-create and seek meanings in human experience human Explore the diversity, complexity and Explore strangeness of human experience strangeness Conventional versus live culture How is cultural production How facilitated/controlled?...
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