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1 saturaon properes we will pretend that we are on

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Unformatted text preview: Find v and h for H2O at 5 MPa and 340K using –  Table D.4 for compressed liquid H2O –  Approxima:ons for liquid proper:es v = .001019 m3/kg h = 284.0 kJ/kg Now use liquid approxima:ons Table D.1 – Satura/on Proper/es. We will “pretend” that we are on the saturated liquid line and use Tsat = 340K (our given temperature). Remember, this is an approxima:on. Look at Psat at Tsat = 340 K. Psat = .027189 MPa. Is this where our pressure is? NO - - our given pressure is MUCH higher, 5 MPa. In reality, we are nowhere ne...
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