For v it is within 02 of the actual answer for h it

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Unformatted text preview: ar the saturated liquid line. But let’s assume that v is independent of pressure and use vf for T = 340 K. vf = 0.0010209 m3/kg. hf = 279.87 kJ/kg h(T,P) ≅ h(T) ≅ hf (T=Tsat)+(P- Psat) vf (T=Tsat) h≅279.89 kJ/kg + (5MPa - .027189MPa) (.0010209 m3/kg) h≅279.89 kJ/kg + 5.067 kJ/kg h≅284.94 kJ/kg Now we have our answers from the two methods. Which is more accurate? How good is the approxima:on? For v it is within 0.2% of the actual answer. For h it is within 0.3%. Very good approxima/on. Solids •  Solids, unlike...
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