A county sanitation as well as other small and mid

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Unformatted text preview: nitation as well as other small and mid-size manufacturers. www.massgroup.com 4 Trends In Enterprise Software Systems Move Toward Applications Platforms With Open Extensible Architectures and Plug-in Components That Facilitate Communication Across The Enterprise Reduction In Systems Costs While Increasing Intelligence, Analysis, Interoperability and Performance www.massgroup.com 5 Packaged Software Systems vs. Custom Systems Custom Software Functionality Custom Vertical Software – Highly Customizable Application Specific Solutions Provide Specific Tools, Reporting, and Compliance www.massgroup.com 6 Packaged Software Systems vs. Custom Systems Comparison Packaged Systems Custom Systems Higher Initial Costs Must Acquire Packaged System Lower Initial Costs Lower Development Costs Many Features, Less System Configuration and Customization Increased Development Costs Must Start From Scratch Faster Project Implementation Decreased Development Time Slower Project Implementation Time Increased Development Time Increased Reliability Over the Product Lifecycle Periodic Upgrades, Patches, Maintenance High Reliability Requires Increased In-house Development, System Maintenance, Upgrades, and Testing Standard Data Exchange and Communications Technologies May Not Fully Support Industry Standards Limiting Data Exch...
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