Massgroupcom 10 increased reliability over the

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Unformatted text preview: er the Product Lifecycle High Quality industry proven best of breed applications tested in hundreds of real-world installs across multiple industries Support Services o Periodic incremental updates, patches and upgrades o Technical support network, phone, onsite, email 11 Standard Data Exchange and Communications Technologies Improve engineering, production, quality control and supply chain management by interfacing with enterprise systems Provides collaborative engineering, web-based data, remote monitoring, data collection, supply chain visibility 12 A Packaged System - FactoryLink SCADA/HMI Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/Human Machine Interface (SCADA/HMI) software for process knowledge and control. 13 A Packaged System - FactoryLink SCADA/HMI Broad Range of Industrial Support Can Be Used In Many Mission Critical Applications o Aerospace o Automotive o Building Automation o Electronics Assembly o Electricity Generation, Transmission o Pharmaceuticals o Semiconductor o Transportation 14 A Packaged System - FactoryLink SCAD...
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