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thepharaohjoinsthesungod thepharaohjoinsthestars

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Unformatted text preview: the world of the dead Location of tombs Architectural features of tombs Unas incantations Unas incantations (Baikley and Lim: 37­44.) ► The Pharaoh joins the sun­god ► The Pharaoh joins the stars ► The Pharaoh is cleansed in the field of rushes ► The Pharaoh crosses over to the Eastern Sky ► The Pharaoh summons the ferryman ► The Pharaoh feeds on the gods ► The Pharaoh climbs to the sky on a ladder Tomb of Sennedjem ­ a workman who worked upon the tombs built Tomb of Sennedjem ­ a workman who worked upon the tombs built in the Valley of the Kings, and Valley of the Queens (Dynasty 19). Painted wood; discovered in Deir el­Medina in 1886 Farming in Afterlife The ancient world was an agricultural world. National museum of antiquity, Leiden Mastaba (bench) tomb George Andrew Reisner George Andrew Reisner Birth: Indianapolis, Indiana, November 5, 1867 Death: G...
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