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Unformatted text preview: u m The Book of the Dead of Hunefer, c. 15501090 BC (British Museum) “The Opening of the Mouth” ceremon y (Bailkey and Lim: 37) Section from a Book of the Dead of Nany Thebes, Dynasty 21, ca. 1070-945 B.C. Painted and inscribed papyrus, h. (of illustrated section) 13 3/4 Old Museum, Berlin From the Book of the Dead From the Book of the Dead ► Let me go forward in my journey, and let me plough. I am at peace in the divine city , and I know the waters, cities, nomes, and lakes which are in Sekhet­hetep. I exist therein, I am strong therein, I become a khu therein, I eat therein, I sow seed therein, I reap the harvest therein, I plough therein, I make love therein, I am at peace with the god Hetep therein. Behold I scatter seed therein, I sail about among its lakes and I come forward to the cities thereof, O divine Hetep. Behold my mouth is equipped with thy horns­­for teeth­...
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