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Unformatted text preview: ­, grant me an overflowing supply of the food whereon the kas and khus­­live­­. ► I have passed the judgment of Shu upon him that knoweth him, so that I may go forth to the cities thereof, and may sail about among its lakes and may walk about in Sekhet­hetep; and behold, Ra is in heaven, and behold, the god Hetep is its double offering. ► I have come onward to its land, I have put on my girdle (?), I have come forth so that the gifts which are about to be given unto me may be given, I have made gladness for myself. ► I have laid hold upon my strength which the god Hetep hath greatly increased for me. O Unen­em­hetep, I have entered into thee and my soul followeth after me, and my divine food is upon both my hands, O Lady of the two lands, who establishest my word whereby I remember and forget; I would live without injury, without any injury­­being done­­unto me, oh, grant to me, oh, do thou grant to me, joy of heart. ► Make thou me to be at peace, bind thou u...
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