Exam 3 Review & Notes

Now all we have to do is look at which single lexer

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Unformatted text preview: b+c+d+ 106 b- c- d- Parental Genotypes 1,000 b+c+d- 1,000 b- c- d+ 2,000 b+c- d+ 2,000 b- c+d- 30 b+c- d- 30 b- c+d+ Double Recombinants The order of these genes is: a) bcd b) cbd c) bdc d) Can not be determined In a problem like this you can figure out the order of the genes by iden.fying the double recombinants, which in this case are b+c- d- and b- c+d+. We know these are the double recombinants because of their low number. Now all we have to do is look at which single leXer needs to be switched back in order to return to the parental genotype. In this case it would be b+ or b- , since changing the sign in either double recombinant would result in a parental phenotype of b+c+d+ or b- c- d- . This tells us that b is in the middle,...
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