Exam 3 Review & Notes

The following ancodons would most likely be found for

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Unformatted text preview: 16s rRNA. c) The - 10 and - 35 consensus sequence. d) a and b are correct e) a and c are correct From page 144- 145 in Dr. Zitomer’s lecture notes: “Ini.a.on requires specific sequences on the mRNA. 1.  A methionine codon, AUG. 2. A Shine- Dalgarno sequence- a short (4- 9 nt) sequence about 7 nt before (5' to) the AUG which are complementary to the 3' end of the 16s rRNA. It is the pairing between the 16s rRNA and the mRNA at the Shine- Dalgarno sequence that determines which AUG triplet will start the reading frames of the message. This ensures that the correct protein will be made.” 18. During protein synthesis, the energy generated for pep.de bond forma.on is derived from: a) Cleavage of GTP. b) Cleavage of the amino acyl bon...
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