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C cycle e can mobilize the bacterial chromosome for

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Unformatted text preview: 30 b+c- d- 30 b- c+d+ The distance between b and c is: a) 0.40 b) 31.1 c) 40.4 d) 54.4 e) None of the above To find the distance between b and c: Recombinants: b+c- = 2,000 + 30 b- c+ = 2,000 + 30 4060 The denominator is the recombinants (4060) plus b+c+ which are 8,000 + 1,000. 4060/13060 x 100 = 31.08% or 31.1 map units between b and c See page 92 of Dr. Zitomer’s complete lecture notes on eRes 4. A phage that carries out specialized transduc.on: a) Can only undergo a ly.c cycle. b) Can undergo lysogeny by replica.ng in the autonomous state. c) Can undergo lysogeny by integra.ng into the bacterial chromosome. d) Cannot undergo the ly.c cycle. e) Can mobilize the...
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