Exam 3 Review & Notes

On of the circular molecule below assume that the

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Unformatted text preview: ques (either mutant or wildtype plaques are acceptable). a) Complementa.on b) Recombina.on c) Complementa>on plus recombina>on d) Neither complementa.on nor recombina.on 9. Phage are mixed at high mul.plicity with K cells and plated at low mul.plicity on K cells. The rII locus consists of two genes, A and B. If two muta.ons can complement (one has a muta.on in A and the other in B) then they can infect K cells without prematurely killing the cells since both the A and B proteins are made. To then go on and successfully infect K cells at low mul.plicity, there must have been recombina.on so that the a single phage is now both A+ and B+, if not then the cells would have been killed prematurely. So, complementa.on AND recombina.on are required to give pl...
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