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International Political Economy and Globalization

Regionalism is superseding one possibility regional

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Unformatted text preview: so that it doesn’t get crushed by international….., b/c it’s a start up industry, if you are bad at something then you get good lower trade barriers and beat out everyone else, protects something of cultural significance (ie. French wine) Management of Trade Issues: Bretton Woods Conference (1944) Established the trade we have today World Bank – “to reduce poverty and help states develop” Build schools, help capacity building, expertise, grants IMF (International Monetary Fund)– “to stabilize exchange rates and provide liquidity to the international economy in times of crisis” “lender of last resort” Keep the economy flushed with cash But there are lots of conditions for these loans Created by taxpayers IMF = target of Stiglitz’s ire. GATT / WHO – “way of lowering trade barriers through reciprocity” To serve as interim agreement, but ended being long time before WHO was set up Main points are reciprocity and liberalization What is the relationship between regionalism and globalization? Regionalism is superseding (one possibility) Regional trade blocks Forum for discussion A more ambitions version: NAFTA And a highly integrated version: European Union is this...
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