Classical Realism

Arguably athens falls to sparta learning and

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Unformatted text preview: ter defeat, Athenians create their own military alliance w/o Sparta Delian League (Athens league) Spartans create their own “Peloponnesian League” Composed of allies Both were still in Hellenic League Athens takes over city- states by force, not through states siding willingly Now in Spartans mind, Athens = threat Athens withdraws from Hellenic League (461bc.), tensions building One member of Peloponnesian League defects to Delian League War breaks out in 457bc., and goes until 446bc. In 446, they sigh a 30years truce, in 431 war breaks out again “Peloponnesian War” Thucydides gives reason “the growth of power of Athens inspired fear in Sparta and made war inevitable” War raged until 404bc. Arguably Athens falls to Sparta Learning and knowledge set back in Athens After a while both are subsumed by emperor Alex. The Great (338bc. – Alexander invades) Melian Dialogue “for you know as well as we do, that right, - as the world goes – is in question only between equals in power, while the strong do what...
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